Natural Justice’s team members have written the following articles for peer-reviewed journals, magazines, and civil society newsletters:

The Indigenous World, 2014 (Page 482-487)
IWGIA, May 2014
Compensation Matters. Securing community interests in large-scale investments
BICC, March 2014
Heart of Borneo and Forever Sabah
Transboundary Conservation e-News (page 5), Natural Justice, December 2013
Report from the 17th Meeting of the CBD’s Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice
Forest Cover, Issue 44 (pages 3-4), Natural Justice, December 2013
Informe sobre la 17ª Reunión del Órgano Subsidiario de Asesoramiento Científico, Técnico y Tecnológico del Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica (CDB)
Cobertura Forestal, Número 44 (páginas 3-4), Natural Justice, Diciembre de 2013
The Living Convention
Langscape (pages 40-41), Natural Justice, Autumn 2013
Change in Terminology to ‘Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities’: Why Parties to the CBD should support it
ECO, CBD WG8(j) coverage (see pages 1-2), Natural Justice, October 2013
The Nagoya Protocol and the emergence of biocultural rights (pages 5-7) and Time for the CBD to adopt the term ‘indigenous peoples’ (pages 16-17)
[square brackets], Natural Justice, 2013
Indigenous Peoples in International Law: The case of the San in Namibia (in French)
Pages 291-305 in “Indigenous Peoples of the World: Challenges of Recognition” (I. Bellier, Ed.), Lesle Jansen, Natural Justice, 2013
Reimagining the International Legal Landscape: The Living Convention
Global Landscapes Forum, Natural Justice, September 2013
The Indigenous World 2013
IWGIA (pages 438-442), Natural Justice, 2013


Implementing a Traditional Knowledge Commons: Opportunities and Challenges Community Protocols and Access and Benefit Sharing
Asian Biotechnology and Development Review, Volume 12, Number 3, 2010
Biocultural Community Protocols and Conservation Pluralism Biocultural Community Protocols and Conservation Pluralism
IUCN-CEESP Policy Matters, Issue 17, 2010
Imagining a Traditional Knowledge Commons Cutting the Gordion Knot: Resolving Conflicts Over the Term “Utilisation”
Bridges Trade BioRes Review, Volume 4, Number 3, 2010
How Bio-cultural Community Protocols Can Empower Local Communities How Bio-cultural Community Protocols Can Empower Local Communities
Endogenous Development Magazine, Issue 6, 2010
Policy Matters 17 A Rights-based Approach to Supporting Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas
CBD-civil society [square brackets] newsletter, Issue 3 (see pg 9), 2010
ECO, WGABS9 coverage (see pg 6), 2010
Implementing a Traditional Knowledge Commons: Opportunities and Challenges REDD Community Protocols: A Community Approach to Ensuring the Local Integrity of REDD
Stakeholder Forum, Outreach Special Post-COP15 Issue (see pg 7-8), 2010
Imagining a Traditional Knowledge Commons The Bushbuckridge Healers’ Path to Justice
UNESCO, A World of Science (see pg 18-20), 2010

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    Natural Justice: lawyers for communities and the environment; Kenya office are inviting applications for The Africa Community Rights Fellowship. The fellowship offers young lawyers and other engaged p …

  • Kenya: Mining Bill Submissions to Senate
    A rig belonging to Tullow Oil and Africa Oil who recently commenced with exploring oil in Northern Turkana at Lowarengak, while the Mining Bill explicitly excludes application to fossil fuels such as …

  • Kukula Traditional Healers BCP Revision workshop
    Natural Justice together with partners K2C and Wits Rural Facility (WRF), facilitated a BCP revision workshop for the Kukula Traditional Healers (KTH) of Bushbuckridge, South Africa, on 16 – 18th Febr …

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