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Natural Justice actively reflects on its work and strives to publish on collective experiences and critical thinking in a variety of media. The following pages include links to legal research and resources, workshop reports, books and volumes, articles, booklets and briefs, videos, and technical guidance provided to governments. Natural Justice and our partners are also lucky enough to be occasionally featured in other media.








Bibliography on Community Protocols: This bibliography (2015) sets out a wide range of publications on community protocols and will be updated occasionally to reflect developments in the literature.(Photo credits: www.pnuma.org)

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Asia Regional Initiative on Biocultural Community Protocols Inception Meeting Report (Sri Lanka, 2011)

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Shirakawa-Go Workshop Report on ICCAs (Japan, 2010)

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Exploring the Right to Diversity in Conservation Law, Policy, and Practice (IUCN-CEESP Policy Matters 17, 2010)
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Biocultural Community Protocols: A Toolkit for Community Facilitators (Natural Justice, 2012)
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Biocultural Community Protocols: Articulating Stewardship, Asserting Rights, Affirming Responsibilities
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Biodiversity and Culture: Exploring community protocols, rights and consent (IIED Participatory Learning and Action 65, 2012)
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Biocultural Community Protocols: Articulating and Asserting Stewardship (Moving Images & Natural Justice, 2012)
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Rooibos Robbery: A Story of Bioprospecting in South Africa (Steps Southern Africa, 2012)
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Maldhari Biocultural Community Protocol Photo Story (Sahjeevan & Natural Justice, 2012)
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Biocultural Community Protocols: A Toolkit for Community Facilitators
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