Information is power. Natural Justice holds this old adage dear and strives actively reflect on and disseminate our work in a variety of media and fora. Our Publications include workshop reports, books and volumes, articles, booklets and briefs, and legal submissions made to different processes under the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The section on Legal Resources highlights cross-cutting principles and includes links to international and regional Human Rights, Environmental Rights, and Cultural Rights instruments and mechanisms, an introduction to Case Law, and links to Community Declarations.

A short-list of Other Publications is included, as well as Institutional Links and key Acronyms.



Indigenous and Local Communities and Protected Areas: Towards Equity and Enhanced Conservation (Borrini-Feyerabend et al., 2004)
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Guide to Free Prior and Informed Consent (Oxfam Australia, 2010)
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Bio-cultural Community Protocols: A Community Approach to Ensuring the Integrity of Environmental Law and Policy (Natural Justice and UNEP, 2009)
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Biocultural Community Protocols: A Toolkit for Community Facilitators (Natural Justice, 2012)
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Biocultural Community Protocols: Articulating Stewardship, Asserting Rights, Affirming Responsibilities
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Biodiversity and Culture: Exploring community protocols, rights and consent (IIED Participatory Learning and Action 65, 2012)
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Compensation Matters. Securing community interests in large-scale investments (BICC, 2014)


Biocultural Community Protocols: Articulating and Asserting Stewardship (Moving Images & Natural Justice, 2012)
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Rooibos Robbery: A Story of Bioprospecting in South Africa (Steps Southern Africa, 2012)
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Maldhari Biocultural Community Protocol Photo Story (Sahjeevan & Natural Justice, 2012)
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Biocultural Community Protocols: A Toolkit for Community Facilitators
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