Fellows are highly committed individuals who volunteer with Natural Justice for more than six months and work closely with one or more staff members on focused activities.


Alhponsa Jojan graduated from National University of Juridical Sciences with a keen interest in environmental justice. She has previously worked with the India’s National Biodiversity Authority on matters including access and benefit sharing. She is currently looking at various ways in which communities’ involvement in securing their biodiversity, environment and land rights can be facilitated. At Natural Justice, she is assisting the India office build up its work on biodiversity, traditional knowledge, and protected areas, among other things. She loves poetry, world cinema, and Kerala.

Sandeep Mudhar graduated with a BA (Hons) in Environmental Studies from the University of Kent, UK in 2014. During her course, she gained a multidisciplinary perspective on the issues faced by indigenous communities and developed an interest in community dynamics and the circulation of traditional knowledge. She explored these further through her research projects with communities in Honduras and India, before joining Natural Justice as a Fellow. She is now interested in understanding the potential role law can play in strengthening communities and their rights to their environments.

Nayantara Ranganathan graduated with a B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) degree from National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata in 2014. She is interested in environmental policy and conservation science, internet regulation and privacy.Currently at Natural Justice, she is focusing on relocation from protected areas in the Sariska and Orissa contexts. She is also uncomfortable describing herself in third person.

Nayana Udayashankar was a practicing lawyer in Bangalore before she went on to be a fellow at the Young India Fellowship program. Her interest in the interdependence of communities and the environment began to take shape at the fellowship. She is now keen on exploring the possibilities of conflict resolution outside the conventional legal system in India.

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